Guitar Music Lessons – 7 Traits of an Expert Guitarist

With my guitar music lessons, I’ve done some research and started noticing a group of common trends among expert guitarists. You see, anyone can pick up the guitar and attempt to play, but those who naturally carry these certain “expert” traits will find themselves passing up those who maybe have been playing for years!

We all know that guitarists are different. You learned something new didn’t you? But, there are a few common traits among them that have set them up for success while their peers have just let the guitar remain only a hobby since their efforts were to just learn guitar fast.

So we have these “special traits”. I know that you’re dying to hear what they are after all this introduction, so let’s get to it:

1. Having Goals

As simple as this sounds, if you don’t have any goals on what you actually want to achieve, you can wander aimlessly around the instrument and never get anything accomplished! There are a few tips to making goals regarding your guitar music lessons however.

(a) Get them in writing.

(b) Say exactly what you want to achieve. Don’t beat around the bush.

(c) Create visual reminders that will keep you on track. If you need pictures to motivate you, hang some around your room. If you like motivational quotes, read a new quote each day.

2. Daily Practice.

This might sound like a drag but it isn’t. If you want to get good at something, nothing should stand in your way. Don’t worry about your job or your relationship problems when they flare up. Make playing your guitar the one consistent thing that happens each day.

3. Ability to Read Music

There are plenty of guitar music lessons on reading music so you should get cracking! The best players no how to read actual sheet music as opposed to just tablature.

4. Owning Quality Equipment

This tip doesn’t require you to have expensive equipment, just well-made instruments and accessories that will work when they need to. When you purchase your first guitar, you should be doing plenty of research anyway and getting advice from experienced players.

5. Experienced in Multiple Genres

Diversity broadens your mind and forces you to learn new skills. It’s amazing how that works. Don’t lock yourself into just one genre. Explore your horizons and see if there are other guitar music lessons that will enlighten you to new and interesting skills.

6. Good Social Skills

For anyone that’s spent even a year in the music industry, they can vouch that learning, improving, and getting anywhere is all about who you know. But before you can “know” someone, you have to be polite and know how to talk to them!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, check your attitude at the door, treat your fans and supporters like gods and goddesses, and carry yourself well. Guitar music lessons can only do so much.

7. Reliable and Responsible

In the end, it doesn’t even matter how great you are at the guitar if no one wants you to join their band. It’s all about having a good attitude, being responsible, and doing your part. Don’t let a bad reputation hold you back from showing the world that you’re a great guitarist!

Notice that in two of these seven traits, it has nothing to do with your actual skills as a guitarist! It’s mostly just about being nice. The bottom line for guitar music lessons like this is that expert players are ambitious, kind to everyone, and focused like a penetrating laser beam. Follow in their footsteps and get something done!