Why Generic Guitar Teaching Methods Suck

Why Generic Guitar Teaching Methods Suck And How To Turn Your Guitar Students Into Awesome Musicians Fast

A lot of guitar teachers use generic guitar method books or courses to teach their students. Unless you teach exclusively beginner students, you will come across the following problems using this kind of approach in your guitar teaching:

1. You will not be able to help your students make fast progress in their guitar playing. The majority of popular guitar teaching approaches were made only to teach musical topics, NOT to help your guitar students achieve specific goals. (Almost no great guitarists became great using these kinds of books.)

2. Your students become very unmotivated once they see that what you are teaching them is no in line with their personal guitar playing goals.

3. When the problems from points 1 and 2 apply, you will not be able to keep guitar students from quitting.

4. You will have a difficult time getting new guitar students because you are not offering anything that is unique from any other guitar teacher in your area. This means new students really have no reason to choose you over anyone else.

All of this leads to massive struggles when it comes to making a good living teaching guitar.

The following is what successful guitar teachers do to instruct hundreds of students (avoiding all of the problems mentioned above in the process):

Step 1: Use a different mindset. Rather than trying to cram information down your students’ throats, focus instead on getting them to achieve the goals you set out for them. This will bring far better results. Remember, you aren’t simply trying to “teach guitar”… it is your job to figure out and solve guitar playing problems, then get rid of any frustrations your students are facing. This is what you must do to truly transform your student’s musical lives.

Step 2: Quickly identify the issues that prevent your students from reaching a specific goal. Once you’ve done this, design a customized strategy that will help that student achieve his goal.

Step 3: Design quality guitar lessons that help students reach their musical goals effectively. These kinds of materials can easily be re-packaged for more students in ways that are congruent with their musical goals (I discuss more on this below).

Step 4: Give classes that focus on helping students improve very specific skills that make up part of a bigger musical goal. Have your guitar students join the correct classes that line up best with the things they want to accomplish in their playing.

Common question: “Doesn’t all this give me a ton of work to do?” “Do I need to use extra time creating custom lessons for every single student on my schedule?”

Answer: No and No. Don’t make the mistake of confusing guitar teaching materials and strategy. You can use the same materials with any student (since many skills that students must learn are similar), but the STRATEGY (the order and combination of materials used) has to be completely unique for each individual.

Whenever you hold group classes, you will have various students to teach who need to learn and master the same skills. You can teach in these scenarios very easily even if your students are all at different skill levels. I know this is true, because I’ve helped hundreds of guitar teachers learn how to do this.

By having your students join multiple classes, they will simultaneously reach their goals while you teach less overall hours. Using this approach, you will end up teaching FAR LESS hours than any ordinary guitar teacher who only uses the one on one teaching model.

When you apply these guitar teaching strategies, your business will grow and expand in these ways:

1. You will keep your guitar students for longer periods of time since none of the common problems that cause students to quit lessons will exist.

2. Since your new teaching system helps your students reach their goals, they will become better players faster.

3. You will gain an excellent reputation as the best local guitar teacher because all your students are quickly becoming awesome guitar players.

4. Your new reputation as a guitar teacher will help you grow your student base.

5. You will make tons of money teaching guitar and have hundreds of students, because you deliver the best results.

By Tom Hess