Pet Sitting Tips For Home Business

Times have changed and many young couples are choosing to further their careers before starting a family. They do however still want a pet and their wellbeing is paramount. There are going to be periods of up to 8 hours daily that their loveable pet will be alone while they are working and this is when a pet sitter is sought after.

What is a Pet Sitter?

A pet sitter is not just someone who picks up the dog and takes it for a 20 minute walk and then returns it home. A pet sitter is much more than that. A pet sitter is the primary carer for the pet whilst their owners are not there. To become successful in this niche market you must firstly be confident and love animals as not all pets are cute and cuddly. Some are definitely pets that only their masters could love. This does not mean you cannot get to understand the pet’s attitude and work towards having a good relationship with it.


Stick to the guidelines given by the owners as that is what you are there for. Once a week the pet may need to be washed. Do not think of this as a chore, think of it more as a bonding exercise and it will be fun.

The pet especially if it is a dog will require at least one walk during the day and is a good time to really get to know him. It is best not to let the dog off the leash during this time as he has to learn to understand and obey you first before risking him running away. Simple obedience lessons can be given with a longer leash, like stay and sit and can be fun for you both.


Sadly accidents happen and the pet you are looking after may bump and hurt itself whilst in your care. You need to have on hand the phone number and address of the owners vet and also a car to transport it there.


Charging for this service varies according to experience. When first starting out it may be advisable to charge less than experienced pet sitters and then work on your reputation. Look on the internet to see what others are charging and what services they are offering.


To get your first pet sitting job you may need to advertise. Try some free options first. Word of mouth is always the best reference so tell your friends of your plans to start this new career as they may know someone who would be interested in hiring you. Put a card advertising your service on the message boards of supermarkets. Use Facebook to your advantage also.

Once you have your first pet sitting job and get to bond with the pet involved you will find you have not only a good career but one you know you will love.

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