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How to Channel Your Marketing in the Ever Changing High Tech World

As a marketer, copywriter or entrepreneur… you want to sell stuff for other people to buy. So you need to separate out the hyped tech that is mostly about entertainment.

And for God’s sake, keep your hands off the evil lethal stuff! And learn the simple secrets of using all new technology as a way to channel your salesmanship.

The technology, all by itself, will not magically generate profits for you. In the still-current Paleo-Tech Age model, the only people who are supposed to get rich from new tech are the creators and share-holders. As Google proved with its profit-murdering slap at sites trying to use pay-per-click to build lists, entrepreneurs are seen as suspicious usurpers of technology, and must be thwarted whenever possible.

I know people who are ecstatic about getting massive numbers of hits for their funny video on YouTube… who spend days figuring out how to use Slingbox to catch TV shows on their cell phones while they travel… and who prefer texting to talking.

Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that.

But a million hits for your video of Farquar falling off his skateboard won’t put a nickel into your pocket. And why are you still wasting so much time watching TV? There’s a brave new world spinning out there, wondering when you’re gonna show up.

If you’re gonna be an effective entrepreneur, marketer and copywriter, you gotta brush the stars out of your eyes and see all the technology tumbling down the chute only in terms of how you can use it in conjunction with your salesmanship skills.

It’s fun, I gotta admit. I love all the new tech gadgetry. The X-Box bored me, mostly. It really was just a small step up from playing Pac-Man drunk in a loud bar, but I’m excited about the Wii’s potential for truly gnarly gaming.

And all the career adventures I’d craved in my youth are now available again, thanks to technology advancing faster than The Man can censor it.

I can now have my own pirate radio station, publish and distribute my own books, and produce any type of late-night-quality TV show I like… all from my cluttered little office, digitally, online.

I get shivers just considering all the possibilities.